Q: Do you have Indian specific payment gateways and shipping partners? ( Can external plugins be installed for this)

A: No, we do not have Indian specific payment gateways and shipping partners. Yes, you may install external plugins for this purpose.

Q: Can the vendor "split" the shipment so there are mutliple packing slips per order, one for each vendor?

A: Vendor have option to ship the product, Actually, we can create multiple shipment for same order. So there will be option to create multiple shipment by vendors.

Q: Are the shipping costs calculated per order, or per product per order? So if I have an order with two products will the shipping cost be two times the cost. Or just once for the entire order? We would like to be just once for the entire order, can this be setup?

A: Regarding Shipment, We have not considered shipment amount separately. Vendor has to add shipment amount with product price.

Q: Can a Vendor ship and generate invoices at their end.

A: Yes, vendor can ship and generate invoice at their end.

Q: Is it possible to use third party extension for shipping with your extension? 

A: Yes, our extension integrates with third party extension for shipping. As in our extension there is no vendor specific shipping option. Hence, this option is also avaialble for each vendor.