Q: During the installation of "Marketplace" through Magento Connect Manager, the following error message comes up: 

   Connect Error: Unsupported resource type.  

   What to do?. 


A: Please try it on a different browser as this is probably related to internet connection or the downloader. 

In case the issue still exists, please share access of the store with us by raising a ticket and we will look into it. 

Q: After installing the "Marketplace" extension and navigating to the configuration page of the extension in the admin panel gives a 404 error (page not found). Please help. 

A: Delete cache and the sessions folder (located in /var) and log out and log back in to the website, this will help. 

Q: When I click Balance Sheet, the message: Transaction (s) not found, any help for this?

A: You can see the details of  any transactions, through the following path, under the balance sheet only when you do a transaction: 

Vendors→transactions→Medma> Market place> Manage Vendors→Balance Sheet  

Q: During installation via upload package we have the following error, what to do?

CONNECT ERROR: Unsupported resource type.We use Magento Community Edition v.1.9.1

A: We have checked our extension compatibility with to and its working fine. We will make an update compatible with