Q: After installing this extension, how can the sellers register as Vendor in the Marketplace ?


A: There is a link “Request Seller” in top-links and footer, from where Vendors can register as Vendors in Marketplace.

Q. Can multiple vendors list the same product?

A: In Medma Marketplace, One product is only shared with one vendor.

Q: How does the vendor input shipping data after they have shipped the product?

A: Currently we don't have specific shipping method. For that we need to create custom shipping method for marketplace.

Q: Is there any way to automatically pay vendors? Is there any way to set payment cycles?

A: System can not pay directly to vendors automatically. There are no options related to payment cycle. There are ways for admin to settle down transactions by debit/credit amount manually. We can customize these transactions in payment cycle by implementing any payment methods.



Q: We want to implementing 2 payment processes - Prepaid(net banking, credit card, etc) and cash on delivery. Is there a way to maintain balance sheets separately for these 2 payment types for each vendor?

A: Currently we don't have that option, but we can customize it.

Q: How are payments for cancelled orders balanced out? If the payment has already been made to the vendor, is it deducted in the next payment?

A: Vendors' payments are not automatic process, so admin has to adjust balance sheet manually.

Q: Will it be possible for vendors to create their own profile pages. maybe with a banner or special background and avatar?

A: Yes, Vendor can change their profile as they want. There is an avtar that they can add, but we haven't place banner or special background feature in vendor profile. But we can customize it as per requirement. An Avatar can be added by logging in to the website as vendor and uploading the images in profile picture section.

Q: can we set different commission for every vendor rather than setting one global value for admin commission?


A: Yes,this can be done by the website administrator under vendor configuration section for each vendor in the admin panel. 


Q: Does your extension provide any Registration or signup feature for Vendors at frontend.


A: Yes,


Q: Will  Vendor be able to send messages or do chats with admin?

A: No.


Q: Separate seller / vendor profile, can Seller add banner, shop logo custom HTML text.


A: Seller can manage their profile with details and logo. There is no option to add banners. You can separate section for vendor profile by following the below steps:

1. go to url http://ahd.medma.tv/marketplace/ 

2. click on View Shop link, 

3. the vendor shop will be displayed and similarly all the vendors shop will also be displayed..

Q: Vendor can ship and generate invoices at their end?

A: Yes, vendor can ship and generate invoice at their end.

Q: Can we set vendor commissions based on per product

A: No, we can not set vendor commission based on per product.

Q: Can we set VAT and ST number based on per vendor in invoice as well (i.e. different for each vendor)

A: No Currently there is no VAT and ST number field in seller profile.

Q: How to handle one SKU but multiple vendors of the same product? Suppose there are multiple vendors for the same product (say a mobile phone of a xyz brand/model) . One SKU but multiple vendors . Is it possible to list all the vendors on the product page for that particular product?

A: We dont have feature to share same product with multiple vendors.

Q: Any function of seller view, like Magento basic store view, to show different seller's front-end with different language?

A: Currently, every seller is listed on same store view, so we dont have facility to change the language for particular seller.

Q: Can we set VAT and ST number based on per vendor in invoice as well (i.e. different for each vendor)

A: No Currently there is no VAT and ST number field in seller profile.

Q: I need vendor-customer messaging features. When a customer go to store view. they can see contact store, so they can directly message them. Do you have this features?

A: Unfortunately, there is no Vendor-Customer messaging feature available in our marketplace. But we can build it.